Ingenious Mobile Storage Solutions

Law Firm in Birmingham, Alabama

Balch & Bingham, LLP was going to renovate their firm in a historic downtown Birmingham Alabama building. Their current set up lacked space for legal teams to study and read up on their cases in the law library, not to mention space for legal file storage. To solve their dilemma the firm commissioned architects to renovate the space, however the amount of space set aside was not adequate for the reading room they needed. The group needed to devise a plan to provide more efficient use of the space allocated, all while maintaining the necessary space for reading. Working together, the architect, the law firm, and Spacesaver devised an ingenuous mobile storage solution: a double-row Eclipse Powered system, recessed, under a 2,500-square-foot balcony, accessed by two spiral staircases.

To match the aesthetics of the staircase and balcony trim, the law library shelving system consisted of designer selected end panels. The new, mobilized law library shelving helps keep materials well organized and allows for quicker access and easier retrieval. Aside from saving time and space, the mobile storage system provides a safer environment for both those retrieving items as well as the items stored on the system. Spacesaver’s Eclipse Powered Mobile Storage System contributed to a beautiful melding of form and function in the law library at Bach & Bingham.