Fresh Take on Organization

Bath and Body Works gets a fresh take on organization with Spacesaver’s Mobile Shelving.

Bath and Body Works, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, sells millions of soaps, candles and the like, rotating the items that are sold in stores by season. As the seasons change the marketing department is responsible for creating ad campaigns, developing new gift packages and designing the store layouts. They keep samples of every product they sell in the corporate office for this very purpose.

Patterson Pope worked closely with the Marketing Department and the Sample Room Manager to design a room that met their needs of storing odd sized items and allowed room for growth. FrameWRX Shelving with plastic bins, 4-Post Shelving, and Eclipse Powered Mobile Shelving were all used to help save space and keep everything organized. The employees now rave about the room and how easy it is for them to access what they need, when they need it.

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