Compact file storage for a growing law firm

A growing law practice needed to retain confidential files but also free up space for new staff.

Did You Know?

Depending on the rules and regulations in your state, your firm can be required to maintain paper and/or electronic scans of paperwork for a number of years. We can help consolidate and store those files compactly.

More Files and More Stuff

McDivitt Law Firm, an injury law practice headquartered in Colorado Springs, with satellite offices in Denver and Pueblo, was rapidly running out of space. Like most law firms, they were still using and storing an abundance of paper case files and journals. These binders and books were being stored on static wooden shelving that offered limited adjustability and wasted ample space.

As the case files and journals continued to multiply, so did the staff. McDivitt Law Firm was faced with the challenge of freeing up storage space for staff, but also adding capacity to their storage solution to house more files. They needed to find a way to store more in less space, while still providing accessibility to these frequently used case files.

“Storage and access is critical for law firms because we are what we create. Every law firm has to find a way to most efficiently and most effectively store their data.”

– David McDivitt, Vice President of McDivitt Law Firm.

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A Smart Storage Solutions

The Spacesaver affiliate in Colorado worked closely with the law firm staff to design three different storage layouts uniquely suited to the needs of their space.

“The first time I met (design consultant) Rick Rogers, I felt immediately at ease and I knew that he was a guy I would feel comfortable working with,” said David McDivitt. “He was the first one who was really able to articulate to us a clear vision of what Spacesaver could do for us, not only to help us save on space, but to help us find a way to store files in a more efficient manner and free up real estate.”

The storage solution had to fit within an alcove that had some varying heights and a sloped ceiling, so a custom solution was necessary to work around these obstacles.

The proposed storage solutions included both an electrically powered mobile system as well as a mechanical assist “hand crank” system. Ultimately, the law firm chose to install an Eclipse Powered System® outfitted with metal 4-post shelving.

Powered mobile storage was chosen because of its ease of access and usability. With several users going in and out of the system throughout the day, it was important that the system be easy to operate, and with just a push of a button, anyone can move the shelving from side to side and gain access where necessary.

compact file storage law office

Adding cpacity without adding square feet

This new powered high-density mobile system provided the users with 30% more capacity than what they had with traditional static shelving. The unit is now 90% full and has room for additional growth.

Now that the storage area has been relocated, the firm was able to add six additional workstations. And the law firm continues to grow. As the firm adds more people, and subsequently more records, the need for smarter storage solutions continues to arise. Their nearby Spacesaver affiliate is always available to propose new options, including more compact storage systems and even document digitization services.

“I would say that one of our strongest strategic partnerships is with Spacesaver,” said David McDivitt.

“I would say that one of our strongest strategic partnerships is with Spacesaver.”

– David McDivitt

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