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Crimson Tide Rolls with Movable Shelving for their football team’s athletic equipment storage.

When the University of Alabama erected the Mal M. Moore Athletic Facility, they built more than a multifunctional training and administrative complex to support their many teams, they built a shrine to their perennial powerhouse football program.

Everything sacred to ‘Bama football is housed here. Team locker room. Player lounge. Coaches’ offices. Recruiting room. Media room, and more. And by more, we mean 13 national championship trophies and Mark Ingram’s 2009 Heisman Trophy, just to give you a little taste.

But to us, the facility’s crown jewel is none other than the custom movable shelving system. The sales rep on the job, Frank, made eight trips in all to plan the design. Everything was put on paper. Jerseys go here. Helmets go there. He had a clean slate to work with and fumbling the ball wasn’t an option.

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Carriages were configured to accommodate the team’s athletic equipment using a combination of 4-Post Shelving and cubbies. Like items were stored together, of course. Security was an issue, because the team’s cool t-shirts and caps tend to have a way of disappearing. Imagine that!? Pass-thru lockers were also an added feature as the laundry room was behind the personal lockers of both players and coaching staff.

But as staff and players change, so do the demands of athletic equipment storage. Recently, Frank helped the team reconfigure their system to incorporate a more position-oriented approach. The original system remained intact, as the interiors were altered. Smaller cubbies are being incorporated to store equipment by position or player.

Whatever Frank is doing, it’s working. The Alabama program just keeps winning. Roll Frank!

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