Personal Storage Lockers

Custom Uniform Storage Lockers Organize the Officers of Salt Lake City PD

Located in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah the public safety building combines fire, police and emergency response departments in to one main facility. Within the police department, the Salt Lake City SWAT division is designed with Spacesaver Freestyle personal storage lockers.

Lieutenant Scott Teerlink previously worked on the SWAT team at Salt Lake City was apart of the team who helped design the public safety building. He along with the rest of the team researched storage systems that accommodate all of their equipment needs. “The uniform storage lockers were a huge selling point for us,” he said. “We have so many pieces of equipment including Tasers, Taser cameras, firearms and all the different attachments and tools, it was a storage nightmare before.”

Working with Spacesaver and their team of “Storage Thinkers”, the SWAT division was able to find the correct and most efficient way to store all of those items. Another part of the uniform storage locker that was customized for the SWAT team was the addition of a bench. The SWAT room itself is also used for team and media conferences. With the addition of a bench at the end of each gear locker, it allows for officers to sit and put their gear on, as well as have enough room for large groups of people to sit comfortably in a small room.

Similar to Salt Lake City, the officers at Salisbury Police Department needed a a place for all of the gear they needed on a daily basis. Take a look at how gear and uniform storage lockers improved their storage space—and the department’s morale.

Having the ability to design this building from the ground up we we’re able to design it so that it fit everybody and everybody could collaborate much better, a much better working environment. – Lieutenant Scott Teerlink, Salt Lake City Police Department

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