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Fast Access to Medical Supply Storage for Children’s Medical Center at Legacy

The Children’s Medical Center at Legacy, located in Plano, Texas, provides pediatric healthcare for children from birth through the age of 18. One of the Center’s strategic priorities is “Right Care, Right Place, Right Time,” meaning that wherever families and children are, that’s where the Center will be, too.

This priority trickles down through everything the Center does—even something as simple as organizing their medical supply storage. In working with a Medical Equipment Planner, the Center wanted to use a wire rack system for their sterile core area. However, a wire rack system that was longer than four feet would be difficult to move and could potentially take a long time for hospital staff to access surgical supplies. For medical supply storage space where every second counts—especially as a patient is brought into the Center for emergency surgery—fast access and efficient storage was a priority.

medical supply storage ActivRAC 7

ActivRAC 7m

Collin Sanders, a sales representative with Southwest Solutions Group, a Spacesaver authorized distributor, recognized this need for fast access to medical supplies and optimum product visibility, and also knew that the medical supply storage solution also had to follow sterile protocol. He quickly recommended a floorless (to eliminate wood, as it was a healthcare environment), ActivRAC 7M mobilized storage unit in conjunction with another high-density mobile system—the lower-profile anti-tip Wheelhouse®.

In addition, Plexiglas face panels and wire shelving units were used to increase the accessibility and visibility of the medical supply storage—which means less fruitless searching when time is of the essence. The wire shelves sit on shelf supports and allow for easy adjustability for the product on the shelves.

Spacesaver knows that not every storage challenge is standard—and by extension, not every solution needs to be. Our in-house engineering team is no stranger to custom-crafted storage systems, including this one for compound chemical storage for a pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Interested in learning more about our line of ActivRAC mobilized storage systems and how they might work for your storage challenges?

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