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Good news about High-Densty Mobile Storage System

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Wisconsin’s largest daily paper, utilizes multifunctional high-density mobile storage systems to improve its storage of news resource and reference information. Given space constraints, they accomplished this by storing items in a highly efficient manner.

Prior to the remodel, materials and information were scattered throughout the building, in different departments and storage areas. It was difficult and time consuming for reporters and library staff to locate necessary information to complete a story.“I had to fnd a way to bring everything together in one library collection,”said Rosemary Jensen, news information center manager. “ People do not use materials if they are difficult to access. My goal in using high-density storage was to get things in one place and make them more accessible.”

Books are stored on cantilever shelving and periodicals are displayed in a browsing area on hinged periodical shelves. Old clips stored in small envelopes are placed in plastic trays on shelves. Maps and other oversized materials are stored in large hanging files and photographic prints are stored in standard sized hanging files.

milwaukee journal sentinel magazine rack shelving

milwaukee journal sentinel magazine mobile shelving

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