St. Louis Rams Bulk Up Football Equipment Storage

A play to optimized static shelving with high-density mobile for their athletic equipment.

When the LA Rams decided to move to St. Louis prior to the ’95 season, the local Spacesaver distributor in nearby Fenton, MO was determined to be first in line. Not to buy tickets. But to install the athletic equipment storage system for their new practice facility. So they made an all out blitz to win the project.

And got shot down.

The equipment manager favored millwork over mobile and that, as they say, was that. Only not for Spacesaver. They refused to give up knowing it was only a matter of time before those beautiful stationary shelving units ran out of space. Finally, after numerous attempts to meet with the equipment manager and share our ideas, Spacesaver got the call. Can you image it?

Football Equipment Compact Storage
Football Supply Storage
Football Team Gear Storage

After twelve different design and layout changes, as well as a change in equipment managers, it was game-time for Spacesaver and the rest of their project team. Two mechanical-assist HD mobile systems were installed for the football equipment storage. The first system was designed to store team promotional items such as hats, t-shirts, polo shirts, etc. Shelf dividers were used, along with plastic storage containers. The second system (pictured with the Rams’ “old school” logo) was located outside the player’s lockers room, designed for bulk storage using 4-post shelving and drawers. Everything had a home, helmets, chin straps, pads, pants, jerseys, cleats, and more. The list goes on, with room to spare.

In the end, the local distributor’s persistence paid off. This is, after all, the NFL and hard knocks come with the territory. And best of all, their efforts did not go unnoticed. The Rams’ organization presented them with a team helmet. Now that’s cool.