Sterile Storage for a Hospital’s Surgical Kits

Bryan Medical Center - Spacesaver Case Study

Learn how a hospital gained 38% more sterile storage space and saved staff time by installing a “levitating” shelving system that’s easy to use and keep clean.

W hen people think about “caring for patients,” they typically imagine nurses and doctors. But patient care is also at top of mind for behind-the-scenes staff in facilities management and sterile supply storage. The more efficiently and thoroughly staff can perform their daily tasks, the better the quality of care that the hospital as a whole can provide.

With this knowledge, a hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska, used a surgical supply room renovation as an opportunity to create a sterile storage system that would optimize space and staff time more efficiently, allowing staff to devote more resources to caring for patients.

Railless Steril Shelving Storage
This suspended shelving system allowed the sterile storage area to gain 38% more space.

The project planning team decided to install LEVPRO, a storage system that consists of shelving units that can be rolled along an overhead track. The system saves space and is easy to clean because the shelving units “levitate” above the floor.

On a practical level, the team realized the system could help them achieve cost and space savings, but more importantly, they realized it would help sterile technicians perform their jobs more efficiently and keep patient care at the forefront.

Compact Sterile Storage Solution at Bryan Hospital
Compact Sterile Storage Solution at Bryan Hospital
Compact Sterile Storage Solution at Bryan Hospital

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