Sterile Supply Storage

Virginia Hospital Chooses Stainless Steel Mobile System for Sterile Supply Storage

While it might seem odd to think that an infection can be contracted in the sterile environment of a hospital or clinic, it happens more often than you might think. In fact, according to the American Medical Association, 1 out of ever 20 hospitalized patients contracts a healthcare-associated infection (HAI), and an estimated 1.7 million people contracted an HAI in a United States hospital.

As a result, keeping hospitals and clinics as sterile as possible has become a top priority—and more healthcare facilities have turned to stainless steel for sterile supply storage for things like vaccines.

For one award-winning hospital, a sterile supply storage system was needed—but maximizing precious space was also an important priority. When the architecture firm redesigning the hospital’s laboratory placed a call to Art Bykonen, an Account Manager with Spacesaver Storage Solutions, an authorized Spacesaver distributor in Virginia.

“It doesn’t promote the spread of infection, and it’s a huge advantage for any healthcare environment.”

“The hospital reached out with a request for a mobile storage system that could be used within a walk-in cooler, which was being designed as part of a lab renovation,” Bykonen says. “After some discussion, Spacesaver’s ActivRAC 7M SS (stainless steel) system seemed like the best solution in order to prevent the rust and corrosion usually caused by humidity and temperature.”

In addition to the sterile supply storage, the stainless steel was also the logical choice for its easy-clean abilities. “Healthcare professionals are used to stainless steel in laboratories,” Bykonen explains. “It doesn’t promote the spread of infection, and it’s a huge advantage for any healthcare environment.”

Prior to the ActivRAC mobile system, the cooler was outfitted with wire shelving, which is still being used in conjunction with the new stainless steel storage solution. A dual control was installed in the system for access at both ends, and the result is a cooler space that no only ensures an uncontaminated environment, but also a sizeable increase in storage space.

“It’s a small solution—two carriages, about 18 feet in total,” Bykonen says. “But, you don’t have to have a large system to have a big impact on sterile supply storage.”

In addition to sterile storage for hospitals and clinics, we’ve also worked with pharmaceutical companies on sterile, climate-controlled storage for compounds and vaccines, like this custom 4-post mechanical-assist mobile shelving system with HVAC integration.

ActivRAC eliminates aisles in your warehouse or storage space by mounting pallet racking or shelving on carriages that move back and forth on rails anchored to the floor. The carriages have a load capacity ranging from 7,000 lbs. up to 30,000 lbs. To see our full ActiveRAC product line, click here for our full brochure.

Free Download Brochure: ActivRAC Mobilized Storage System

Constructing or renting new temperature-controlled storage spaces isn’t your only option. A cost-effective alternative is rethinking your cooler/freezer storage and maximizing that pricey square footage in a whole new way.

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