Compact, secure crime lab storage

Compact, Secure Crime Lab Storage

Spacesaver provides compact crime lab storage for rape kits and other evidence.

Most people in law enforcement are aware of the massive backlog of untested sexual assault kits (SAKs). Whether a SAK is in an evidence room, waiting to be shipped out to the crime lab, or in the crime lab awaiting testing, the challenge is the same: storing large numbers of these kits in a way that preserves the integrity of the evidence stored inside.

Spacesaver is acutely aware that each of these kits represents a person seeking justice for a traumatic experience. We are proud to help crime labs and the victims they serve by providing a number of solutions to create a compact, secure place to store SAKs, other evidence, and investigative tools.

Crime Lab Storage Solutions:

  • Rape Kit Storage
    A recently completed climate-controlled DNA storage room in Frayser, Tenn., uses Spacesaver’s ActivRAC® system to store approximately 50,000 evidence kits. In addition to the DNA storage room, the space includes freezers, work stations, a crime scene investigation evidence room and office space. See local coverage of the project here.
  • In-Process Evidence Testing Lockers
    At Colorado’s Jefferson County Crime Lab, evidence is checked into a storage room and a request is made to a Forensic Examiner to pick up the evidence for testing. Many times, evidence testing won’t be complete when a technician is ready to leave for the day. To aid with this issue, modified FreeStyle® lockers were created and installed for each technician to ensure secure storage for in-process evidence.
  • Weapons Library Storage
    A weapons library serves as a hand-on reference catalog for weapons. It’s a way to crime lab technicians to study and test firearms to support investigations. By maintaining a working library of virtually every handgun and rifle historically available, examiners are able to identify which weapons might have been used in criminal acts. At the Illinois Metro Crime Lab, the local Spacesaver consultant saw that lab technicians needed compact, configurable storage based on the types of weapons that were being stored, so he suggested pairing high-density mobile shelving with WeaponsWRX. Similarly, the FBI’s Laboratory in Quantico, Virginia used weapons and pistol racks on high-density mobile. If you haven’t seen the video of the FBI Lab, it’s worth a look—our systems are featured prominently!
  • Long-Term Evidence Storage
    Crime labs are similar to evidence rooms, in that the amount of evidence keeps increasing, the space in which to store that evidence isn’t getting any bigger, and there are few chances to purge because a majority of biological evidence must be kept indefinitely. And, because the lab is cycling through evidence constantly—sending it out, taking it in—any storage solution needs to ensure that evidence is easy to find. There’s also a space concern with temperature-controlled storage for certain types of evidence–refrigerated space is expensive. We offer the Wheelhouse® solution, which is cost-effective and can be moved if needed, to an ActivRAC Stainless Steel solution for the evidence that needs to be refrigerated.

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