Long-Term Evidence Storage Solutions Keep Evidence Organized and Accessible.

Spacesaver’s mobile shelving and mobile racking storage solutions are excellent choices for storing evidence and property. Our mobile storage systems feature movable carriages, which allow our clients to accommodate the same number of items as conventional storage systems in half the space.

All our mobile systems can be easily configured for anything from computer hard drive storage to auto parts storage to weapons and narcotics storage, and more.

Examples of long-term evidence storage configurations include:

  • Hanging folders for documentation
  • Shelving for boxed evidence storage
  • Gun racks
  • Existing cabinets, drawers, or shelvin

See how these police departments looked at evidence storage a whole new way.

Long-Term Evidence Storage

Looking for some evidence storage solutions?

High-Density Mobile Systems

Compact Mobile Long Term Evidence Storage
Sliding on rails installed in the floor, our high-density mobile storage systems are compact and secure. Electronic control systems enable clients to establish and maintain an audit trail with PIN access, while our mechanical-assist (non-electronic) systems allow users to move thousands of pounds with minimal effort. A variety of safety options are available.

Heavy-duty Mobile Racking

Compact Property Evidence Storage
Ideal for large and/or heavy items, ActivRAC maximizes space in evidence warehouses. The system eliminates wasted aisle space by mounting pallet racking on a carriage-and-rail system. The aisles open at the point of need and are wide enough to allow forklifts to operate.

Off-Site High-Bay Storage System

High-bay Long-term Evidence Storage
The XTend system, available in stationary (non-moving) or mobile (rail-mounted) applications, makes the most efficient use of vertical space. This system is best suited for storing uniform-sized boxes.

Long-Term Evidence Storage Matters.

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