Personal Storage Lockers

Personal Storage Locker Options

If you’ve added more personnel to your department and need to increase the storage available in your locker rooms, addressing your concerns might take a little more work than a simple retrofit. For these situations, our storage experts have worked with departments to create floor plans that can maximize space in an existing footprint.

Retractable Breadboard Bench Locker Seating

Another way to accommodate an increase in personnel is to reconsider locker room seating. When a department needed to add additional lockers and increase the size of those lockers, it had to omit the locker room’s freestanding benches. To create seating, retractable breadboard locker benches were created. Being able to retract the bench into the locker bases reduced the depth of each locker by 12″—making it possible to obtain the necessary number of lockers without having to give up seating.

Wood Bench fully retracted on personal storage locker in East Mesa Reentry Facility
Two-tier storage lockers at Sunrise Police Department
Two-Tier Lockers

One way to increase the number of lockers in a current footprint is to consider smaller locker openings and tiering them, as not all personnel need full-sized lockers. In this solution, smaller “two-tier” lockers allowed for an increase in the number of lockers in the same footprint and still retained the necessary ADA clearances. The lockers were outfitted with bench drawers extending across each locker bank, providing ample room for personnel to sit.