Houston Police Department Utilizes Long Term Evidence Storage

Long Term Evidence Shelving

Before the Houston Police Department had a designated property room, they stored evidence and property in an antiquated building that had outlived its space and purpose. The facility made storing all of their evidence a significant challenge that required an increase in staffing and time spent on finding and retrieving evidence when needed. Houston PD was also faced with an exponential growth of evidence and property, which a common problem throughout the nation.

Long-Term Evidence Stored on Industrial Racking, Houston Police Department

ActivRAC Evidence Storage at Houston Police Department

In an effort to find a long term evidence shelving solution, Houston PD also wanted a storage space that would safeguard all of their materials to prevent any tampering or question the integrity of the evidence. In addition, like most police stations, most of the property that is kept in storage doesn’t fit inside a standard box and would need a unique storage space. One of the biggest concerns was improving efficiency of operations, and to locate any piece of evidence quickly.

At the heart of the evidence storage solution was an ActivRAC 16P® mobilized storage system. Normally, static or traditional shelving would take up an entire warehouse but with ActivRAC 16P, it only takes up half of the space and still provides 100% accessibility.

Read more about the benefits of ActivRAC 16P and how it was customized to store unique evidence items for Houston PD.


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