Law Enforcement Evidence Lockers Assist with Accreditation at Salisbury Police Department

In the township of Salisbury, Pennsylvania, the police department decided to update and rebuild their entire facility. During the process of designing the building, every officer was able to share what they thought what they wanted and needed within the new police building. One of these needs were secure, durable law enforcement evidence lockers that would allow Salisbury to follow and maintain a secure chain of custody—and attain state accreditation.

A bank of pass-thru evidence lockers in a variety of sizes was integrated into the workflow of the building, located in a hallway in close proximity to the door the officers come through after a shift. “Evidence can be placed in these lockers, and with the push of a button, it’s ready for the evidence technician,” says Allen Stiles, Salisbury Police Department Chief of Police. A refrigerated evidence locker is located near the bottom of the lockers for medical kits and biological evidence that needs to be stored.

“I would definitely recommend Spacesaver to any other law enforcement agency for evidence lockers because I believe that any law enforcement was benefit greatly from having these systems.”

— Allen W. Stiles, Chief of Police

Short-Term Evidence Storage Locker in Salisbury, PA

Once the evidence is placed in short-term storage, the doors open up on the other side of the wall so the evidence technician can collect, package, and process the evidence for long-term storage. With the organization and best practices the evidence lockers afford, Salisbury’s accreditation process doesn’t seem so far way. “The system has allowed us to get one more mile down the road in terms of that process,” Stiles says.

As a result of configurable police gear lockers and the new law enforcement storage lockers, Salisbury’s operations are more efficient and organized—but that’s not the biggest improvement. “There’s been a significant culture shift here,” Stiles says. “We’ve needed something like this.”

Spacesaver law enforcement evidence lockers can be designed with a variety of configurations, depending on what is best for the size and scope of your department.

Refrigerated Evidence Storage Locker Salisbury Township, Pennsylvania

Short-Term Evidence Storage Locker Salisbury, PA

Refrigerated Evidence Storage Locker Salisbury Township PD

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