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Police departments of all sizes face the same challenges when it comes to storage. The amount of evidence, property, and gear being stored keeps increasing, but their square footage remains the same. At the same time, funding for major renovations or new facilities might be five, ten, even fifteen years away.

We hear you, and we’re here to help. If you’re looking to tackle your immediate storage needs while awaiting a new facility, there are plenty of options to help you make the most of your existing space.

Case in Point: Central Wisconsin PD Assessment & Optimization Options

Capital City by the Numbers
Population: 25,000
# Sworn Officers: 48
# of years in current building: 16
# of years until new building/renovation: 5-10
# of storage inefficiencies: Too many to count
Amount of space for new evidence: 0
Amount of available funding: Not Much




No Space. No Funding. No Worries






Do you know your immediate needs?

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    Additional space for long-term property and evidence storage, room to accommodate growth, and added space for evidence processing.

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    Added Security

    Separate storage, increased security, and double-locking for high security items such as narcotics, weapons, and valuables.

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    Temporary Lockers

    Updated temporary evidence lockers to accommodate a variety of evidence sizes, allow for unattended deposit, and secure the chain of custody.

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    Proper storage for bulky duty bags to ensure valuable gear is organized and accounted for.

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    Updated Lockers

    Additional configurable spaces for officers to store gear and equipment that won’t require a major expansion.

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    More Options

    Storage solutions that can be expanded or relocated to a new or updated facility at a future date.

You didn’t get into law enforcement to think about storage. Luckily, we did!

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