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Spacesaver Knows that a Military Base is like a Small City

People live, eat, study, exercise, perform, and sometimes even seek medical attention within the confines of the base. Unique and thoughtful storage solutions can assist in the creation of highly functional spaces within the military base environment.

Aircrew Flight Storage

The mission of aircrew flight equipment teams is clear: to make certain aircrew and passenger life support equipment is in peak operating condition at all times.

When there’s no room for error, look to Spacesaver’s aircrew flight support storage solutions. From survival kits to inflatable lifeboats and more, our wide range of industrial storage and small parts storage solutions help ensure life-support equipment and supplies are always ready and secure.

parachute rack quartermaster storage

military headquarters office storage

Command and Headquarters

Like any office, military command operations rely on the well-organized storage of information to ensure peak efficiencies. But it’s no simple task given the military’s ongoing transformation, frequent deployments and resets – all of which are made more complex by BRAC. If better information management is the mission, successfully accomplish it with Spacesaver.

Engineering Services

The storage needs of the U.S. Armed Forces rival those of a city in their volume and variety. And it’s often up to the Civil Engineering Squadrons and Public Works directorates to determine the best use of space for units on base that are changing and have a vast array of storage needs. Spacesaver’s goal is to partner with you in the design process – and add value by virtue of our extensive military experience and unequaled storage expertise.

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We support your planning process through every phase, including:

  • No cost, no obligation site surveys
  • Time-process evaluations
  • Budgeting
  • Schematic designs and reviews
  • Final storage system drawings and specifications
  • Full service installation and project management, from initial meetings through final project completion
  • Move-in requirements, including on-site equipment training
  • Post construction and installation evaluation
  • The value-add

You can plan and design your facilities with confidence, knowing that critical storage issues are addressed and that facility space is optimized. Our strong handle on government contracting also simplifies the procurement process.

military aia presentation

Architects & Designers

Don’t miss our AIA virtual presentation on Modernizing Capabilities and Enhancing Readiness with Storage Solutions for the Military.

Upcoming Webinar: Thursday, April 21 at 2PM CST

Judge Advocate General’s Corps

When it comes to paperwork, it’s hard to beat the Judge Advocate General’s Corps. Yet many JAG offices are tasked with the need to store seemingly unlimited volumes of material. And the files keep coming. The challenge is compounded by the need to maintain credibility and tight security.

judge advocate general corps

maintenance secure military equipment room

Maintenance Departments

Ensuring reliable transportation is mission critical and is made increasingly challenging as new technologies are incorporated into both vehicles and aircraft. Parts and supplies must be on hand so vehicles and aircraft, both new and old, are always mission-ready. Maintenance units must also continue to rely on an increasing number of manuals and service bulletins for each vehicle and aircraft.

Organization and inventory of parts, supplies and tools – and the capacity to store it all – can be expertly and readily managed Spacesaver storage solutions.

Medical Facilities/VA

U.S. military and VA hospitals across the globe are pressed for time and space as they strive to provide the best possible healthcare for our deserving servicemen and veterans. Rapid deployment of military personnel also creates a host of security and medical records management challenges. Spacesaver’s mission is to support military healthcare practitioners. Our healthcare storage solutions are specifically designed to help medical professionals do want they want to do most: spend more quality time with patients.

military va hospital storage

military police secure storage lockers

Military Police

Providing top-notch security at all times is the charge for military police and security forces. And the job doesn’t end there since the critical nature of evidence management and secure evidence storage also falls on the shoulders of any security unit. It’s a two-fold challenge that calls for immediate access to weapons storage and gear storage, combined with the need to safeguard confiscated evidence until the case makes its way through the justice system.

With Spacesaver, you’re covered on both ends. No other company can offer the same level of knowledge and industry expertise, along with the industries most complete and innovative line of storage solutions.

Mobility & Logistics

Logistics facilities must have all gear on hand, ready to be issued at a moment’s notice. That requires a well-organized, efficient, and versatile facility storage strategy that encompasses any number of innovative military storage solutions. And, when that storage needs to be portable for deployment or training efforts, it’s important that weapons and other gear arrives in the same secure state in which it was shipped.

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